In case you are in search of a platform that provides you an opportunity to work and earn from the comfort of your home, you must have heard of the biggest freelancing platforms; Fiverr and Upwork. However, you must not be sure about which one of them is better in terms of the services that it renders to the community of freelancers.

To be honest, there is no precise solution to this confusion, however, Fiverr and Upwork, both are very well-known companies and are certified as freelancing platforms. The choice of the platforms depends entirely upon the nature and quality of the task that you want to hire a freelancer for. The amount or the budget that you or your company are offering for that particular task and also your priority really affects the selection of freelancing platform.

In this era of technology and advancements, most of the work is easily accomplished remotely or, in other words, you can say that the availability of freelancers and digital nomads has made it possible for you to get your work done remotely. For having an understanding of which platform is better, Fiverr or Upwork, for hiring freelancers, one must have a thorough knowledge of the benefits and features provided by both. This article is solely composed to make the reader familiar with all the features of these known platforms and also to give him an idea of which platform is better to hire his team of freelancers who are better able to manage all his tasks.


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Let us have a look at the features and benefits of Fiverr – a popular freelancing platform. Basically, it is a valuable platform that has a user-friendly interface to help you hire a team of freelancers that satisfies your working requirement.

Distinct Services Offered By Fiverr

Fiverr started a bit like the other freelancing platforms where one might simply rent the services of freelancers to try and do a project for an expenditure of as low as $5. Now, one can still get this rate for brand new freelancers and one also can get wonderful deals from freelancers who are veteran and well-known within the freelancing world.

Hiring the services of a freelancer is often an optimal idea because it is economical and is one in all the quickest ways to rent high talent. Fiverr has swollen exponentially since it has been starting and offers you with several packages to decide on from even higher quality services for over $5. Typically freelances do supply their services for simply $5 and will need you to pay further amounts for further work or services.

Now, let’s consider a simple example, if you are trying to contact someone who can design a logo for your brand or your company, then you are most likely to pay $5 or more for this task, depending upon the charges of the hired freelancer. If you need extra services, then the freelancer can charge you even more for those. The freelancer may provide you with discounts for extra work such as providing you with three distinct designs for the price of two logos which can be more economical or you may be charged $8 for a revision of the logos.

When you explore Fiverr, you will have a clear idea that the majority of the freelancers provide their services for more than $ 5. Despite the fact that freelancer’s charges differ distinctively as per the services they provide, the charges are usually reasonable and everyone certainly gets an incredible offer when they rent a freelancer from Fiverr.

 The Type of Work Freelancers Do On Fiverr

Fiverr is among the most trusted freelancing sites where people are most likely to find freelancers having a diverse skill set. This platform offers services in different categories starting from writing, video animation, design, translation, graphics, digital marketing, music design, video animation or development. Services related to technical work such as computer coding or recoding, correction of bugs and other such business tasks are also delivered.

You will definitely be amazed by the variety of work presented on Fiverr. Exploring fiver to have look at the diverse services offered itself is an entertaining task. Fiverr is thus an economical and cost-effective choice, it means that you really need to try Fiverr once. It was never easy to outsource work. Fiverr has literally eased up our lives.

How to Look Up For Freelancers on Fiverr?

If you are not yet aware of how to search for hiring freelancing services at Fiverr, then you must not worry because it is a really easy process. Fiverr has an easy-to-use website which is highly organized and is absolutely user-friendly.

Simply go to the website and search out the category of the task that you need to get done. Simply explore the numerous categories available and select the category of your task.

Reflection on Fiverr

As soon as you will start using Fiverr, you will come to know that it is really very easy to become a seller at Fiverr. Here it needs to be mentioned that Fiverr does not really offer any kind of leniency to the freelancers, it rather keeps a strict eye on them to ensure that the quality of the work provided is not compromised at any cost. For this, Fiverr has its own distinct tactics and techniques that are used to make sure the hard earned money of the employer is not wasted.

Fiverr also allows companies to rate the quality of the work delivered by the freelancer. The employer rates the freelancer on a scale of 1 to 5 stars based on their level of satisfaction. This further helps others to determine who is to be hired for the accomplishment of their task. On the other hand, this rating helps the freelancers in capturing other clients by letting them have an idea of the high-quality work that they provide.

Companies are also encouraged to provide written feedback along with their rating and this really assists new firms to have a look at the freelancer’s capabilities by going through the reviews and ratings displayed at his profile.  The platform also segregates its elite freelancers by classifying them as top-rated sellers. This is to let others assess the level of satisfaction catered by the freelancer’s work.


Upwork is another highly recommended platform for outsourcing your work. It is a hub of experienced and highly skilled freelancers belonging to a number of distinguished industries.  This platform furthers allows the buyers to categorize freelancers depending upon their price.

Distinct Services Offered By Upwork

Upwork serves as a platform where it is really easy to find talented beings who are better able to do your work. To begin you just need to create an account for yourself or for your company. Afterward, post a job that you need to get done. You then need to fill up all the details of the freelancers that you think would be able to do that job.

The question here is what makes Upwork stand out of the crowd? Well, Upwork is distinguished based on the four distinct modules that it offers. These modules guide you about; online work, the conducts to compose a listing that will capture the eye of the best freelancers, the ways to best utilize this platform and the most efficacious ways on scrutinizing a profile for employing the services of highly rated freelancers.

It takes almost an hour to explore the four modules and it really assists you in making optimal use of this platform. Although you may opt for creating a listing without going through the hassle of exploring these modules, it is a highly recommended practice.

Upwork is undoubtedly the best platform to work with the best freelancing community because this platform has made it easier for companies to search for freelancers that are known for the quality of their work. All the freelancers currently available on Upwork are certified, this is to deliver the required information as per your requirement. The person’s profile mentions all the necessary information that you need to know about a freelancer such as the skill set owned by a particular freelancer.

Email authentication is another noticeable feature that is employed to make sure that the employer is collaborating with the right person. Every freelancer has its own success score based on the work that he has delivered so far. This truly helps you in hiring the services of the seller that is expected to do the best for you.

Another amazing feature of this platform is that it conducts online tests for each of its freelancers for assessing his skills and companies are able to see the freelancer’s score in the undertaken tests, such as grammar or writing test, before hiring that freelancer for his task. This makes it even easier for the companies to decide who is to be hired or who is going to provide them with the best quality work. Even if this fails to satisfy the buyer, he is further facilitated with an option to ask questions on the job posts.

In addition to that, buyers may opt for chat and video chat to interview the seller before hiring his services. This is one of the major reasons why Upwork is currently one of the best freelancing platforms the world over.

Which Is Better?


Both Fiverr and Upwork offer distinct services and features to their users that is the reason why the choice of the platform entirely depends on the preference and budget of the buyer. Freelancers working at both these platforms are known for the excellence of their work and this bears witness to the popularity of these platforms among known buyers.

An optimal solution is to explore every platform’s website to decide which platform best fits in your needs and wants. Both of these platforms are certified and are equally trustworthy as declared by firms and freelancers who use these on a daily basis.  It is thereby, hard to mention which is the best platform. There are jobs that require employees from both platforms. And then, freelancing platforms are consistently updated that is why it’s necessary to give each of the platforms an attempt.

Buyers regularly publish jobs on these platforms and they will continue to be in high demand as the digital future is all about getting your work done remotely and that too within a few hours.  Laws have also been formulated to scrutinize the rapidly growing freelancing industry. One must be wise enough to make sensible use of these platforms in order to get the best quality work at a comparatively low cost.

The freelancers working on both platforms are experts in their domains and are exemplary in terms of the services that they deliver. On exploring their skills, you get to know that the quality of work that they deliver is way better than the conventional work. Therefore, Freelancing is currently providing businesses with the opportunities that people had never really thought of.